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 Documental Portal 

The Documental Portal of Studio Piceci contains all documents relating to the company and the employee.

You can view documents such as:

  • Payslips

  • CU

Click on the PDF icon to download the Document Portal User's Guide. Studio Piceci

 Attendance Portal 

The Time and Attendance Portal of Studio Piceci allows you to manage various aspects of your HR department's activities, starting with the automatic recording of attendance and ending with the management of expense reports.

The main characteristics are: integration, flexibility and internationality.

The Software is integrated in that all its modules refer to a single registry, a single database, a single user interface, which makes it possible to avoid duplicate entries of the same data and allows all the information that the user deems necessary to be on line at all times.
The software is flexible because it allows the user to manage even complex situations through the simple parameterisation of tables. All this while maintaining an extreme ease of use that allows it to be activated in extremely interesting times.

The software is international because it handles multilingualism in a transparent manner, integrates with all major international ERPs and allows for connection configurations, remote assistance and IT security as required by major multinational companies

You can opt for the following services:

  • Basic Attendance Module

  • Advanced Time and Attendance Module - which allows the management of canteen bookings, canteen consumption, calculation of restaurant tickets, and allows the log of changes to master data and timecards

  • Web Infopoint basic - form for employee requests for justifications, authorisation by managers, email notification of requests and authorisations, possibility for employees to see their timecards and progressive totals (holidays, leave, overtime...)

  • Virtual Time Stamps - Web application that can be called up from each employee's PC and that allows time stamping by simply entering the code

  • Smartphone App - App for smartphones that allows geolocalised clocking in and clocking out with a badge held close to a smartphone with NFC reader

  • Holiday / Absences Plan

  • Expense Report, Procedure for individual visualisation and entry of expense report data per employee.

Internet Services

  • Web-based connection for querying company archives and managing related printouts

  • Connection to advanced processing procedures, for customised printing of spreadsheets and files by the customer, based on constantly updated company data

  • Dedicated, proprietary Internet portal for company attendance recording

  • Creation of an account for each individual employee to view pay slips and various personal or company documents

  • Automatic submission of information notices to companies or individual workers, by e-mail and text message

Software development

  • Compatibility with the major company attendance recording software systems and customisation possibilities

  • Connection with company accounting procedures for automatic download of data from the payroll environment, deriving civil/fiscal
    monthly and annual

  • Automatic downloads of data from the payroll area, for the purpose of feeding the company systems, in charge of the Human Resources Department

  • Interface with company management systems for the reimbursement, via pay slips, of expense reports, filled in by employees

  • Interaction with any type of company computer procedures in order to transmit the data requested by the company

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